Real Estate Investment Advice: Discover What the Professionals Advise

Axionic Capital is a firm specializing in investment advising that works with clients around the globe. The company was founded in 2010 and currently manages assets of around $2.6 billion. Jonathan Schechtman specializes in residential assets strategy and serves as a Portfolio Manager and Managing Principal for the organization. This sector of the business was begun in 2012 and is focused presently on property located in south Florida.

There are numerous investors of all sizes in the United States that rely on the talents of people like Schectman to help them determine where to invest their funds. Buying and managing rental property, purchasing residential property for resale and knowing what neighborhoods are poised for growth is never easy. The real estate market is constantly changing and it is only the experience and knowledge of asset strategy professionals that make it possible for anyone to make the right decision.

For example, Schectman has recently discussed the bright future for single-family rentals. This would be a surprise to many investors that think a multi-unit property is the only real path to profitability. Or they may be surprised that a company managing billions in assets would find value in basic apartment complexes and residential rentals. It is these types of deals that others may miss that make it imperative for people to choose their asset managers carefully. It is not enough to maintain a profit it additional profit potential is going untapped.

This is the benefit of working with an innovative and flexible professional in the industry. With asset managers like Schectman, there is the knowledge that all of the details are understood and no opportunities are lost due to dated methods or procedures. Anyone seeking the best path to success through residential real estate investing will want to follow the lead of Schectman. It is easy to do so by following his social media accounts. A simple way to begin is by visiting This page is frequently updated with valuable market reports and articles relating to his current work with Axionic Capital and Florida Rental Specialists. It is a great way for those in the real estate rental industry to learn more about what is currently trending and to learn more about Schectman and is projects.