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Buying a New Downstem Just a few short years ago voters in Colorado agreed that marijuana should be legal for recreational use. The logic behind making it legal is simple, it is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, and it could be used to generate tax revenue to help fund public schools. It has already proven to be a huge industry in the state, and helped to attract many tourists. If you enjoy the occasional toke, you are probably aware of the other industries that support marijuana use. One thing that every smoker wants to have is a good pipe to enjoy their product. You are not going to find a pipe that is better for smoking marijuana than a bong. The trouble with owning and using a bong is that there are several parts, like the downstem, that are made of glass and if they are knocked over they can break. There are many different types of pipes that people use, but one of the most popular is the bong. There are a few different things that make up a bong, a water pipe, a downstem, and a bowl. Users put the product they are enjoying into the bowl, and when the ignite the product the smoke is carried down through the downstem into the water at the base of the bowl. The water makes for a much smoother hit. The problem with this kind of pipe is that it can easily break, especially the downstem. The reason that the downstem is often broken is because it is usually made of glass that is thinner than that of the pipe of the bowl. However; you are not going to have to go out and buy a new pipe if you accidentally drop and break the downstem. This part of the pipe can easily be replaced, you will be able to find a lot of places where you can find them for sale.
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If you are looking to replace your downstem there are a couple of places where you are going to be able to buy one. When you go to any headshop in your town you are going to be able to find options that will fit your pipe. Or if you decide to shop for one online you are going to be able to find a much wider selection, making it easy to find one that will definitely fit your pipe.
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There are millions of people in America that like to enjoy some weed on occasion. Most people that enjoy smoking want to have a working pipe that they can use to smoke their weed. There are a lot of places you can shop for a downstem if you accidentally break the one that is in your pipe.